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Writing Readiness
Let's Do It - Write!
Writing Readiness
Let's Do It - Write!
Copying from the Board
Making It Legible
Emotional Intelligence
The Key to Success
So What Can I Do?


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Writing Readiness

Let's Do It - Write! Writing Readiness

Writing Readiness is the first in a series of workbooks geared to develop children's handwriting skills. In this workbook, children work along with a friendly companion, Benjy Bear. Together, they progress through a variety of prewriting activities and exercises that focus on the development of eye-hand coordination and motor, sensory, and cognitive skills.

Easy-to-follow instructions are provided for the parent, teacher or therapist.

Cover & Illustrations: Sofia Polonsky

The fun-filled activities help to improve:

Sitting posture

Sensory awareness

Cutting skills

Pencil grasp

Spatial orientation

Shape formation

Problem-solving skills


Sample 1: Strengthening Muscles

Sample 2: Pencil Grasp and Finger Coordination