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Gail Kushnir Catalog

Workbooks for children, parents,
therapists and teachers


Writing Readiness
Let's Do It - Write!
Writing Readiness
Let's Do It - Write!
Copying from the Board
Making It Legible
Emotional Intelligence
The Key to Success
So What Can I Do?


ספרים בעברית
חוברות חינוכיות חויתיות לילדים צעירים לפיתוח כישורי מוכנות לכתיבה, כתיבה ואינטליגנציה רגשית. כל הפעילויות מבוססות על שיטה חינוכית-טיפולית משולבת, מקורית ושיטתית המקדמת התפתחות הילדים.
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About the Author
Gail Kushnir is a certified special education teacher, pediatric occupational therapist and international lecturer. She has expertise in the evaluation and treatment of handwriting problems in pre-school and elementary school children and in the development of emotional intelligence in young children.

Gail has worked both in the public and private sector or over 25 years in treatment, adult education, supervision and program development. She has been instrumental in the development of special nursery programs, toy lending libraries and parent-child oriented pre-writing and writing groups.

As an integral part of her vision of family-centered functional outcome therapy, Gail has developed a series of workbooks for young children. The workbooks are based on a synthesis of educational techniques and therapy intervention to help children reach their maximum potential.

The workbooks are unique, using a combination of sensory, motor and cognitive activities. They are easy to use and fun-filled. The workbooks are of interest to parents, educators, therapists and psychologists alike who want to see children grow and develop.