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Writing Readiness
Let's Do It - Write!
Writing Readiness
Let's Do It - Write!
Copying from the Board
Making It Legible
Emotional Intelligence
The Key to Success
So What Can I Do?


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חוברות חינוכיות חויתיות לילדים צעירים לפיתוח כישורי מוכנות לכתיבה, כתיבה ואינטליגנציה רגשית. כל הפעילויות מבוססות על שיטה חינוכית-טיפולית משולבת, מקורית ושיטתית המקדמת התפתחות הילדים.
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Making It Legible

The written word is a communication tool. It must be legible to the writer and to all readers. "Making It Legible" uses a meta-cognitive approach to help children identify and implement the components necessary to make their written work legible. Using a self-checklist, Willy the Worm guides the children through 9 essential components of organization on the page (letter formation, spacing, margins, indentation,etc.)

It can be used by parents, teachers, and therapists alike.

The kit includes:


10 laminated enlarged illustrations

Practice texts for board-copying

Wikki Stix

Highlight marker

Erasable marker

Raised line paper

Fun-filled accessories to help children achieve proficiency and legibility.


Sample 1: Check List

Sample 2: Punctuation Mark