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Gail Kushnir Catalog

Workbooks for children, parents,
therapists and teachers


Writing Readiness
Let's Do It - Write!
Writing Readiness
Let's Do It - Write!
Copying from the Board
Making It Legible
Emotional Intelligence
The Key to Success
So What Can I Do?


ספרים בעברית
חוברות חינוכיות חויתיות לילדים צעירים לפיתוח כישורי מוכנות לכתיבה, כתיבה ואינטליגנציה רגשית. כל הפעילויות מבוססות על שיטה חינוכית-טיפולית משולבת, מקורית ושיטתית המקדמת התפתחות הילדים.
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Educationally sound, easy to implement, fun to use workbooks for young children to help develop emotional intelligence, pre-writing skills and writing skills. All activities are based on a unique systematic educational-therapeutic approach to child development.
Appropriate for parents, teachers and therapists who want to assist children to succeed.

Writing Readiness Workbooks
Let's Do It – Write! Writing Readiness

Sensory-motor activities to facilitate writing readiness


Sensory-motor exercises to learn number concepts
1-10 and writing the numerals
Handwriting Workbooks

Let's Do It – Write! Copying from the Board

Workbook to improve visual-motor skills and foster proficiency in copying

Making It Legible

Educational kit to improve spatial organization of written work
Emotional Intelligence Enrichment Workbooks
The Key to Success

A manual for the development of emotional intelligence in young children

So What Can I Do?

Cartoon illustrated workbook to develop problem solving skills